Castle Cary Community Primary School

Castle Cary School

I love the surroundings of the school, it really makes it enjoyable to come to school here.

Year 3 Pupil

The teachers are funny and my friends are too!

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone is caring

Year 5 Pupil

I like it at our school because we do lots of work.

Year 2 Pupil

I like that it's about the children's rights and not just the teachers!

Year 6 Pupil

It's safe, fun and you always learn something new.

Year 5 Pupil

I love it at this school, nothing needs to be changed.

Year 3 Pupil

It's a great place to learn/

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone gets treated fairly; the whole school is kind.

Year 4 Pupil

Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School

Key Information

Essential Information for Parents

Please find below, useful information about the day to day running of the school.

The School Day

Parents are welcomed onto the playground at 8:50am. The children go straight into their rooms for the daily Accelerated Reading session. Each class has a different way to come in so that congestion at the gate is avoided as much as possible! We request that children do not arrive before 8.50 as we do not have supervision before then.

The School Day

Infants [Key stage1]

Juniors [Key Stage 2]

9:00 – 10.10

9:00 - 10:30 am



10.25 - 12.10 pm

10.45 - 12:20pm



1:20pm – 2:15pm

1:20 - 3:20 pm


2:30pm - 3:20 pm


The weekly newsletter is sent home via Parent Mail on a Friday, with news about special events, school activities, children's achievements, P.T.F.A. events and information regarding important developments in the school. We also have a Community Links section on this website which gives parents information about events within the community which may be of interest.

Current newsletters are also available to access on the school’s website and on the school and Town notice boards. Items of local interest are displayed in the office window.

We have a school Twitter feed which is updated with happenings and photographs from the classrooms as well as to notify of upcoming events.  More recently we have introduced a Facebook page too!

School Uniform and PE Kit


Parents are encouraged to dress children in school colours of navy blue, light blue and grey. A number of items with the school logo, including jumpers and polo shirts, can be ordered from our suppliers, RAM Sports, who are based in Wincanton. Logo items are available to try and buy in store. They can also be ordered online or over the phone for delivery to your home or the school, to fit your needs.

Logo uniform can also be obtained from Marks and Spencer for schools, via our school mini-site which can found through:


The wearing of fashion clothing, denim jeans/jackets, trainers, Doc Marten type boots, beach wear and coloured nail varnish is actively discouraged. Apart from watches and stud earrings, jewellery is not permitted in school. Please also avoid 'unusual' haircuts.

All children need a P.E. bag containing plain black shorts, a coloured school logo polo shirt (please ask your child's teacher for their house colour) and footwear for outdoor P.E. (no footwear is required for P.E. activities in the hall). During colder weather, children may also wear tracksuit bottoms/jumpers for outdoor PE.

All these items should be marked with your child's name.

Playtime snacks

In an effort to promote healthy eating, we only allow fruit and vegetables to be brought into school for morning playtime. Children in Key Stage 1 receive free fruit each day; Juniors have the option of paying daily for a piece of fruit. Milk is also available free of charge for under-fives. Parents of children over five who wish to pay for milk for their child can do so by contacting CoolMilk via the website or by obtaining a leaflet from the school office.

School Lunch arrangements

Children have a choice between ordering a two course hot lunch or bringing their own packed lunch. All children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a daily free school hot meal. Hot lunches are cooked for us by an external caterer (Ansford Academy). At the present time, meals cost £2.30 per day and children choose what they would like to eat from a menu provided a fortnight in advance. These lunches comply with the Governments standards for food in school and our current Environmental Health Rating is the maximum 5 Stars. 

If preferred, children can bring in a packed lunch and we encourage parents to provide healthy options. Parents are requested to mark their children's lunch containers with names and ensure that they are collected at the end of each school day. Please ensure that the meal provides a balanced diet. Sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed to be brought to school.

KS 2. If you are in receipt of some form of state benefit your child may be entitled to a free lunch. Please contact the school secretary for details, relevant forms are attached at the bottom of this page. All enquiries will be dealt with confidentially.

Absence from School

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to explain a child’s absence from school. Parents are expected to inform the school on the first morning of a child’s sickness absence, preferably by 9.10am. The school is required to keep attendance records. The total number of absences will be recorded on your child's annual report. This report will also indicate whether or not they are "authorised" by the Headteacher.

Parents are encouraged to take annual holidays during school holidays and in line with Somerset County policy; requests for holidays within term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. A Holiday Request Form must be completed, well in advance of the proposed term-time leave, for consideration. These can be obtained from Mrs Watts in the office.

A Positive Ethos

The Behaviour Policy at the school aims to encourage children to develop a respect for others around them and their environment. There are a few simple rules which are based on the need for their safety, health and well-being and consideration for individuals in the community.

The basis for our class charters comes through the adoption of the Rights Respecting Schools ethos which is embedded across the school.

We are a supportive school with a caring ethos and we have a number of systems in school which reward and celebrate achievement and good behaviour. These include:

  • Awarding House points
  • Group and class awards
  • Extra privileges
  • Certificates and medals
  • Older children should always be aware of the needs of those younger than themselves and be prepared to help them when necessary.
  • All children are expected to help to keep the school environment tidy and litter free.

A copy of the School Behaviour Policy is available for inspection by parents from the school or on the website.

Parental Complaints

We hope that any concerns or complaints that parents have can be resolved informally by the school. Therefore any concerns, in the first instance, should be made to the class teacher. The Headteacher is also available but an appointment might be necessary. Failing this, the school Parental Complaints Policy (available on the website) explains the procedures parents should take.


The school has a Homework Policy that is available on request from the office.

Children throughout the school are encouraged to read at home. In addition, multiplication tables and spellings are sent home regularly for older children.

Parents in school

We enjoy and encourage parental involvement in school. Parents help in a variety of activities and have skills that they can share with the children. We are always looking for support of this nature. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school if you wish to help, with any aspect of school life.

Should a teacher, at any point, be concerned about your child's educational or social development, we will contact you. In return, we invite you to contact the Headteacher, or the class teacher if you or your child has any concerns. It is normally best to make an appointment rather than call on the off-chance.

However, your visits need not only be confined to times of concern. If, for example, children have produced work of which they are especially proud, please feel welcome to come in and share it with them. The partnership between home and school in your child's education is vital, and there is no doubt that when a good relationship prevails, progress is more smoothly and quickly achieved. We aim to deal with matters concerning the children in a courteous and constructive manner and expect parents to approach the school in the same way.


In the event of severe weather or any other emergency preventing the opening of the school, the school will send out a text message to parents, notification will be put onto the front page of the school website through the Twitter account and local radio stations will be informed.

Pre-School Links

Children transfer to Castle Cary from a variety of Pre-School settings and we are very proud of the growing relationship that we have with our local Pre-School providers. The majority of children come from Toybox Pre-school (Ansford Academy), Brue Farm Nursery & Pre-school or Next Steps Childcare (Bath & West Showground). Please use the links below to find further information:

Admission, Induction and Transfer Arrangements

A Child's first experience of school is a precious and memorable occasion. We therefore aim to ensure a smooth transition from home or pre-school to school, for both children and parents.

We do this through:

  • Inviting all parents to an induction meeting during the term before their child starts school. This meeting is led by the Headteacher and Foundation Stage Teachers.
  • The Foundation Stage class teachers visit all children at their current nursery or pre-school, allowing valuable discussion time with key workers.
  • We provide drop in sessions during June and July where parents and their children can spend time in the classroom with the class teacher and teaching assistants.
  • The children have pre-school visits on two sessions where they can spend time in their new class with their new teacher before starting school. This usually happens in June/July.
  • At the beginning of the New Year, a progressive intake gradually introduces children to school. This starts with half days, leading to full time schooling by the Autumn half term.
  • Each child's individual needs are always taken into consideration and occasionally the induction plan is extended for particular children.
  • Parents are warmly welcomed into school in the morning with their child, particularly important for some children for the first few weeks of term.
  • Parents are informed and kept up to date about our school and the Foundation Stage Curriculum.
  • Pre-schools complete a pre-school transfer form, providing information about the child in relation to the areas of learning in the foundation stage curriculum.
  • Parents are invited in to observe a phonics session and provided with information and support so they can support their child in their phonics, reading and writing.
  • For admissions please contact the school office.

- Somerset Direct: 0845456038

- In-year applications: 01823 355608

Where an application has been refused in any year group, the child will be placed on a waiting list.This will be kept strictly in order of over subscription criteria by the Local Authority, as the Admission Authority, and the child will remain on the waiting list until the end of the academic year in which the application was refused.Parents are responsible for informing the Admission Authority of any changes in their circumstances, which could affect their place on the waiting list.