Castle Cary Community Primary School

Castle Cary School

I love the surroundings of the school, it really makes it enjoyable to come to school here.

Year 3 Pupil

The teachers are funny and my friends are too!

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone is caring

Year 5 Pupil

I like it at our school because we do lots of work.

Year 2 Pupil

I like that it's about the children's rights and not just the teachers!

Year 6 Pupil

It's safe, fun and you always learn something new.

Year 5 Pupil

I love it at this school, nothing needs to be changed.

Year 3 Pupil

It's a great place to learn/

Year 3 Pupil

Everyone gets treated fairly; the whole school is kind.

Year 4 Pupil

Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School Life at Castle Cary Community Primary School

Working with other schools

Ansford Learning Partnership



We work closely with our neighbouring schools to ensure that we offer the very best education to all of the children in our area.  Alongside the main Secondary school in our area, Ansford Academy, we work closely with the other main feeder Primary schools:  Countess Gytha, Ditcheat, Evercreech, Keinton Mandeville, Lovington and North Cadbury, to ensure that we offer a consistent and effective journey into secondary education.

Our Learning Partnership offers our pupils the opportunity to work with children from other schools in a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.  Events such as the regular sports festivals and tournaments that we hold enable Ansford learners to develop leadership and coaching skills when working with primary pupils in a safe and competitive environment. Primary learners also benefit from enrichment days for children with particular talents, subject specific sessions to develop the curriculum and the opportunity to perform as part of a big theatrical production!

More recently we have developed regular networking sessions for teachers with specific responsibilities including English, Maths, SEND, MFL and PE, ensuring that expertise is shared throughout the partnership and the latest training and updates can be cascaded out to all of the schools. We are currently working together to develop assessment procedures to complement the new curriculum.

We also work together to ensure that we can access the very best Continuing Professional Development for all of our staff. We share responsibility for providing relevant Health and Safety training, support staff have come together for specific training in phonics and maths and annually, all teachers benefit from a shared INSET day with visiting speakers.  This year our focus is on developing the quality of teaching and learning across the Partnership.

For information about all of our partner schools, please click on the links below:

Ansford Academy

Countess Gytha Primary School, Queen Camel

Ditcheat Primary School

Evercreech C of E Primary School

Keinton Mandeville Primary School

Lovington C of E Primary School

North Cadbury C of E Primary School



Please find below, the priorities we are working on together.


Raising Achievement Plan- School to School Suppport

1a        Focus on raising attainment in maths across the seven primary schools

1b        Further develop the skills & knowledge of learning support staff in supporting maths intervention programmes

1c        Continue to develop expertise within local EYFS leaders with a focus on moderation judgements & sharing good practice

1d        Share data across the 7 primary schools in order to analyse areas of strength & areas for development

1e        Establish a SENCO working group in order to share expertise & resources and to identify areas of expertise

1f         a. Establish support & guidance on the effective use of data for English and Maths Leaders.

b. Moderation of quality of teaching judgements